Friday, July 22, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Papaya Passion!

Papaya Passion is an orange sprinkled tart from Wahm's Scented Wax. Wahm's is owned by Julie and you can visit her website here. She's still working on it, but it's almost finished.

Tropical type scents are perfectly suited for summertime. Papaya Passion is sweet and fruity. It is true to it's name and is exactly what you expect it to be. I don't eat a lot of papayas so it may just be me, but this scent also reminds me of mangos. Which makes me thing off all kinds of tasty things. Fruit salads, tropical punch, smoothies, and in a way, almost like fruity bubblegum that I used to chew as a kid. I love the candy-like sweetness, and would almost consider this a fruity dessert scent.

The moment you open the mini plastic baggy you can smell all the fruity goodness. Even cold, it has quite a strong fragrance, and when it melts the fragrance intensifies.  I can smell this tart even in the next room. It doesn't change or alter from cold to warm like many fragrances do.
Papaya Passion is a great scent for someone wanting to imagine a tropical getaway. Or perhaps a mid-December tart for someone wanting get rid of the winter blues.

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