Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Sugar Cookie Brulee!

I enjoyed Pink Sugared Cookies so much I've been looking forward to trying another cookie scent. I found Sugar Cookie Brulee from K's Kreations as a sampler shot. It's a 0.75 ounce tart, and fits beautifully in my mini tart burner.
 K's website describes Sugar Cookie Brulee as "Hands down, the BEST cookie fragrance ever. Reminds us of the wonderful aroma that fills your home while baking cookies. A definite MUST TRY!!"
I have to admit, this is an amazing cookie scent.

Sugar Cookie Brulee is wonderful and authentic smelling. It's actually as if I'm baking a batch of sugar cookies in my kitchen.
Who doesn't like the smell of warm cookies? No one that's who! And if you're anything like me, these types of scents bring back wonderful memories. Especially thoughts of baking with Mom, and making Christmas cookies each year.
Sugar Cookie Brulee is a tart I will be buying quite often.  It has everything that makes a tart special. It smells wonderful, has an impressive throw, and brings feelings of happiness and comfort.

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