Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Warm Vanilla Sugar, Face Off!

That's right ladies and gentlemen! Warm Vanilla Sugar Versus Warm Vanilla Sugar! Right here at Life, Love and Fragrance! In the left corner, I have Warm Vanilla Sugar from Ecoscents. In the right corner is the Warm Vanilla Sugar from Kim's Tarts. Which one will reign supreme?
The Left Corner, EcoScents
The Right Corner, Kim's Tarts

Before melting; Ecoscents has a nice creamy scent, while the Kim's tart has a softer slightly powdery one. While Kim's is smooth and dry Eco's is softer and oily (I need to go wash my hands).

1 Point for Eco for Cold Scent
1 Point for Kim for Texture

In the White Burner EcoScents!
In the Red Burner, Kim's Tarts!

To make sure the two contenders are in the same weight bracket, I will be warming 2 cubes to 1 scalloped tart.

And the light!;  Eco still gets credit for it's sweetness, but when its warm there is a bit of an "off" smell. Almost like a faint vegatable oil (seriously! I went to my pantry to be sure) that's been laced with sugar. Lots of it.
Kim's is also very sweet, but still has that powdery hint, albeit much less than when it was cold.

Eco's at my desk
Kim's in my kitchen
Kim gets 1 point for Warmed Scent
Kim gets 1 point for Better Throw.

Cleanup; Eco left a big ring of wax in my warmer. I wonder if it is because the soy is so soft?
                Kim's came out clean.
No wax left in my warme
Kim gets 1 point for Easy Cleanup.
Ring of wax left in the warmer.

 Eco leaves the ring with 1 points
 Kim wins with 4 points!

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