Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Garden of Eden!

Garden of Eden is a cute light green tart made by Zen Blossom.  http://zenblossomscents.com/
Zen Blossom is owned by a really nice lady by the name Angielyn. Her website will be finished soon, and her Facebook page as well. She was kind enough to send me some tarts to try, and I can't wait to share them all with you!
Garden of Eden was the one that excited me the most. I enjoy scents that are different or have unusual names, this one certainly caught my eye. It is described as "A perfect floral fragrance. Too many notes to describe, you'll be amazed."  Well, I was amazed when I read this. I wouldn't consider this a floral at all, I think this tart is firmly in the Fresh category. There may be some flower notes in it, but it smells much more like the greens you find a bouquet. Except it is sweeter and brighter, with a refreshing clean note. If Downey made this into a scent people would go bananas for it.
It is truly unique. I have not personally seen or heard of anything like it. The closest I can come to something similar is Fresh Cut Grass, but sweeter. Or possibly a Spring and Renewal Febreeze, but instead of that detergent-y type smell, you get that faint bite that comes from fresh greens. 
For those who steer clear of florals but enjoy fresh scents, you have to try this at least once. Garden of Eden is a great and fitting name for this tart. If the Amazon was scrubbed clean, this is exactly what it would smell like.
If this is the scent of paradise, I would certainly love to live there!

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