Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Pink Sugared Cookies!

Everyone has their own preconceptions about things that are as subjective as scents. Mine was always an aversion to artificial scents that smell like food. I could always do sweet scents like Vanilla, Buttercream and Warm Sugar, but anything more specific than that made me a bit wary.
Since I've decided to dip my toes in the bakery scented waters, I thought something cookie scented would be the best. Everyone that I have asked, listed something cookie as one of their top favorites. 
I ultimately chose Pink Sugared Cookies because of the addition of Pink Sugar. It seemed like the easiest way to transition for super sweet to bakery.
Now I'm craving one of these!
Pink Sugared Cookies isn't as complicated as many bakery type scents can be. It is described as "Shayz Blend of Pink Sugar and Fresh Baked Sugar Cookies"
When you smell it cold, the Pink Sugar is the first impression. After that you get a warm carmel like type aroma.

It's not until the tart starts to melt that the cookie scent really comes out.  It reminds me of the Lofthouse cookies they sell at my local grocery store.
I have it melting in my kitchen, and my husband in the living room asked if I was baking something. So major points for authenticity of the scent!

I will be melting more cookie scents at first, than gradually  branch out into other types.  It seems I have started down the slippery slope of Bakery scents, which will probably just compound my love for scented treasures. 

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