Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Current Project

Current area I'm working on
My mother used to do a lot of cross stitching in our living room when I was a child. Now I do it as well, but not nearly as often as I would wish. I get home from work about 8 in the evening, by the time I've washed up and had something to eat my eyes just don't want to focus on points so small. It's not until the weekends that my cross stitching gets some love.

I've been working on the same one for not quite a year, and I'm hoping that writing about it will get me motivated to see it finished. I am considering giving it to my grandmother as a gift. She really likes birds and the design is right up her alley.

Without hoop, I will iron it after its compleated.
Any experienced Cross Stitchers out there with advice, tips or tricks?

My working order right now is flowers and leaves (satin stitch first), birds, sign in the center, and detailing at the end.

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