Sunday, July 17, 2011


Are you one of those people that can't have a fireplace but has always wanted one? I had one most of the time growing up as a kid (We always had one in England). Unfortunately. with apartment living, and Los Angeles' discouragement, I don't get to experience one until I go back up to Oregon for family visits. Timberwick seeks to recreate those comforting feelings of having your very own fireplace.

Instead of a cotton wick it has a wick made of wood. It's not quite an inch wide and flat. Once the wood is lit, it crackles. The flame dances around the wick flickering light against the walls.
I love this lid!
The wooden wick is much smaller than the logs in a real fireplace, so it's much quieter. If you light it while watching television or doing family activities, it will probably drown out the audible effects. To thoroughly enjoy this candle its best lit in a dim and quiet room. My preference is to either burn it during bubble bath time, or while reading a good book. 
wooden wick
This candle is a 9.25 oz soy blend in the Vanilla Brulee scent. Timerwick's website describes the scent as "Few eating pleasures are greater than a mouthful of creamy vanilla custard with its crackling caramel topping- everyone loves the combo. This version is a time-honored classic." Based on this description I expected this to be a dessert like creamy vanilla, instead its a softer spicy type scent. Almost as if it's filled with cinnamon or nutmeg, vanilla is almost undetectable.

close up of burning wick
I really enjoy the little touches that was put into this candle. I love the shape of the jar, and the detailing of their name and logo on the top of the wooden lid. I also love that they are made in the USA! Stamped right on the bottom :)
 I was a little disappointing in the fragrance, but overall it's a nice candle, and provides a different type of experience.

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