Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Pink Noel!

Yay! So many fun scents to try!
Hooray!!! My Wahm's Scented Wax order came in today! My package originally came in on Saturday while my husband and I were out running errands. I was so sad when I realized I couldn't get my scented treasures until after the holiday weekend. I had kind of hoped the mailman would have left them in my mailbox, but since i live in ridiculously hot Los Angeles I should be thankful he took them back to the post office. They wouldn't have looked nearly as pretty as hot melted blobs.
Look at those Sprinkles!
For those who might not have read an earlier blog post, this order was the one that I asked to have  completely random. I truly felt like a little kid on Christmas morning when I opened the box to find 16 tarts. Julie (the owner of Wahm's Scented Wax) was kind enough to give me a wide array of scents to play with. I got florals, sweets, freshes and tropicals. Each tart is in it's own little mini plastic baggy. There is also a little label with the Wahm's logo and Scent name. Very cute, but even more cute... She add sprinkles to every tart! This is something that I have not personally seen before. It's a personalized touch that I think makes Wahms stand out.
After much agonizing (I had so many choices!) I ended up deciding on Pink Noel. Partly because I hear so much about Pink____ this and Pink____ that. I figured, Pink scented wax must be popular for a reason. And well Noel....Nicole. Kinda reminds me of....me! (Just kidding!)

Pink Noel is a beautiful piece of wax. It is of course, pink, but it also has pink sugared sprinkles! It was almost a shame to melt it.The tart cold is very pleasant. Soft and sweet and something slightly fruity. After trying to guess on my own I got the actual description of " A blend of vanilla, cream and caramel undertones, mixed with a fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, and raspberry jam on a dry down of musk."
Whoa, there's a lot of notes in there! Some of them I didn't recognize in this tart, such as the caramel and lemon drops. Although, I was able to detect soft sweetness of the vanilla and cream, and the fruitiness must have been the raspberry.

If the "Pink" in Pink Noel is the same as the "Pink" in Pink Sugar, no wonder everyone raves about it! I love this scent. The throw is good and the color is beautiful.
Pink Noel was the best of the best in a box full of amazing treats. I would buy more if I could, but I just received this package today. Maybe I can talk Julie into setting some of these aside for me, because I am addicted.

Pros; Amazing Scent Great Throw.          Cute Sprinkles on Top

Cons; I'll probably get in trouble if I order more today.

Overall; 10/10 No doubt.

I haven't loved a scent this much since I did a review on Buttercream.


  1. This was an AWESOME review! Great job, really. I can't wait for the website to reopen so I can order this!!! :D

  2. Mention my name when you order. She'll get a kick out of that

  3. That is an AWESOME scent! You should try Cozy Moment's Pink Noel if you get the chance. I've had it going for a few hours now. HEAVEN!