Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Lilac Linens!

Happy Sunday! As a tribute to laundry day, I chose a soft purple colored tart in Lilac Linens from Can-Do-Candles. Lilac Linens is a great choice for someone who loves laundry type scents, but wants to do something a little different.
The description on Can-Do's website is written as "Lilac Linens- Fresh washed Linen rinsed with Lilac water. Beautiful!"
I love it when a description matches a scent as perfectly as this one does. This is exactly like fresh linen with just a hint of lilac. Don't like florals? Don't fret! The linen notes are far and away the dominant scent, the lilac only softens and slightly sweetens it. I'm a little surprised that lilac was the flower chosen to combine with the linen. In my experience lilac was always one of the stronger florals that was most likely to be overpowering. Most common laundry type floral would be lavender or possibly a sweet pea.

Either there is only a tiny bit of floral, or the linen is strong enough to keep the lilac down. My assumption is on the former, since Lilac Linens isn't as strong of a scent as Fresh Linen was. It has a good throw, but isn't particularly overwhelming. As much as I liked Fresh Linen, it was overly strong for the first half hour or so, which isn't the case with this tart. It has been pleasant all the way through.
As a side note, I really enjoy the many colors of wax, especially this one. Bright colors are great, but sometimes more subdued color can have a strong impact as well. A gentle color really goes well with a soft scent. This tart is such a light purple it almost has a pink hue.

I really enjoy Lilac Linens, and I think people who don't like florals much may want to give this one a try.
But if you are a fan of florals or laundry types, this scent is the best of both worlds.

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