Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Let Them Eat Cake!

 Today I am melted a bright yellow tart that comes in a "cranky cup" from Grumpy Girl Candle & Bath Co.

Since Pink Sugared Cookie from Shayz, and Cupcake from Diamond Candle (details coming soon!) went so well, I've been pretty excited to try Let Them Eat Cake!
Perhaps you can tell my the scents name, but it supposed to smell like CAKE!
Let Them Eat Cake! is described as "Rich, buttery Italian birthday cake topped with fluffy buttercream frosting. Yum!"
Boy did they get that right. You know that smell from your oven when you're baking a yellow cake? How it fills the entire room with yummy sweet goodness? I can also smell the sweet butter cream, almost as if there is a jar of frosting sitting on the counter top. It's an authentic type smell with an amazing throw. It scents my whole living room and kitchen.
It reminds me of a warmer version of Birthday Cake ice cream that I buy from Cold Stone.(which delicious by the way)
I have been quite reserved about food type scents, but I'm glad I'm breaking those barriers. So far I've tried Pink Sugared Cookies, Cupcake, and this one. 
I think I will be ready to graduate to something more complex soon. If you have any recommendations please let me know by either writing comments below, or on my facebook page here
Let Them Eat Cake! is an amazing scent. I will certainly be purchasing this one, and others like it again.

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