Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; I'm Sparkly B***h!

Cranky Cup
The name of tonight's scent is I'm Sparkly B***h! With a name like that, it has to be Grumpy Girl! You can visit Grumpy Girl's website here For those who have sensitive ears (or eyes) I will just refer to this scent as "I'm Sparkly!". Its a rich blue tart guessed it! Sparkles right on the top.
So when I bought this tart, I just skimmed the notes and thought they would be something I would like. When it arrived and I was able to smell it, I got a very pleasant surprise. It smells very close to one of my favorite scents Twilight Woods!

Tart is cut in half. Covered in sparkles.
Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods; "Apricot nectar, mimosa petals, and Tuscan cypress to create this hypnotic fragrance, inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods."
I'm Sparkly! - "This fragrance combines the cent of ripe forest berries and soft sensual musk, with middle notes of sweet mimosa flowers and apricots, along with subtle hints of oak and juniper."

It's not spot on, but its very close. Quite similar to Twilight from Can-Do-Candles (Can-Do's website).  For reference of my prior comparisons, see the previous blog post here
While Twilight was more floral, I'm Sparkly! is more fruity. It has a bit of the creaminess of the original Twilight Woods that Twilight lacked, plus it has sparkles!
I find it funny that I've been looking for a Twilight Woods dupe and I got I'm Sparkly! without realizing how similar it was. It's woodsy, fruity, and creamy. It has a great throw, and looks beautiful in my warmer.
I may still be on the hunt for the perfect dupe, but I'm Sparkly! is amazing!
For other Twilight Woods lovers looking for a good dupe;
I'm Sparkly!; Very similar, creamy with a bit more fruit.
Twilight; Close, but not creamy, with quite a bit of florals

I have Twilight In The Woods from K's Kreations I will be trying soon, so stay tuned!

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